What is radiant heating?

To put it simply, radiant heating is in-floor heating. We install a heating system beneath your floors and this system warms the rooms of your home in one of the most efficient and cost effective ways available on the market today. Heating by radiant energy like this is similar to the way the sun warms the earth. The heat emits out naturally from the warm floor and heats the objects in the room instead of directly heating the air, as in conventional methods.

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How Does Radiant Heat Save Money?

Underfloor heating systems use much lower temperatures to heat your home. Since the heating surface is so large–your entire floor surface–you don’t need to heat it to the same high temperature as conventional heating systems in order to comfortably heat your home. The warmth radiates up through your floor and the room stays wonderfully warm, with no cold spots.

Is Radiant Heat Healthier?

A key advantage to radiant heating systems is the reduction of air circulation, and thus, a reduction in the spread of airborne particles. Radiant heating improves air quality in your home or business.

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