Does your residence or commercial space in Bremerton, WA use radiant floors or steam heating? If so, having a boiler in place that operates efficiently and reliably is vital. If you have an existing boiler that is worn down and worn out, you may want to take advantage of our boiler installation services. Our team also provides high quality radiant floor installation services to help you efficiently and quickly heat up your space. Regardless of whether you need radiant floors, boiler repair or installation, we have your heating needs covered at West Sound Comfort.

Boiler Installation Services

The boiler you choose to produce efficient heating may depend on whether you have an oil burning or natural gas boiler. Some arrangements may necessitate the need for a boiler that utilizes a fuel source your existing unit is currently not using. In addition to boiler installations, we also provide boiler maintenance and repair.

Radiant Heating

Our radiant floor installation services involve systems that are installed below your floors and emanate heat upward, providing warmth throughout all of your rooms in a highly cost-effective and efficient manner. These systems are beneficial for multiple reasons, including the fact that they heat rooms without dispersing airborne particles. Thus, they are the safer option for air quality.

Steam Heating

If your business space or home currently uses old steam heating, an upgrade may be in order. At West Sound Comfort Systems, we offer hot water systems that operate at high efficiency from various well-known brands, including Lochinvar, Thermolec, and Dunkirk.

Contact Us for Boiler or Radiant Heating Services

If you need radiant floors that deliver high efficient heat or a boiler for your hot water or heating needs, we offer high efficiency options.

For more information about the boiler products and services, in addition to the radiant floor heating services we offer in Bremerton WA, give us a call today at 360.842.0637 or reach us through our contact form.