Are you tired of walking on cold floors and waking up feeling chilled in the morning? You might want to consider modern radiant floors, which generate a lot of clean and efficient heat. A professional radiant floor installation comes with many benefits and here are some good reasons to come to West Sound Comfort Systems, serving the Bainbridge Island areas.

Why Heat the Floors?

A forced air heating system can get your home warm, but at what cost? For example, a lot of warm air loss can occur in heat ducts, because not all the heat makes it way to your home interior. This is not the most efficient way to heat a home. Radiant heating uses tubing or pipes filled with hot water. They can supply heat directly to flooring, walls, and even ceilings. It is more efficient to heat things in the room (directly) instead of just heating the air.

Less Heat

Radiant floors do not require high heat like furnaces. It takes less energy to run them. Furnace ducts can get dirty and contaminated. In fact, they can blow contaminants into your home and make you ill. If a duct is leaky, you could lose a lot of your warm air behind the walls, floors, or ceilings.

When you contact West Sound Comfort Systems, we provide all the components, including boiler installation. We can also take care of boiler maintenance and boiler repair problems. In Bainbridge Island, call us today at 1-360-842-0637 to learn more about our products and services.