Which boiler should I get?

The selection of a boiler isn’t as simple as it sounds. There are several different types available on the market today and they use varied types of fuel for energy–however, they all do the same key thing: they heat and maintain a large supply of hot water for your business or home. Depending on your heating system and the type of boiler you have, the supply of hot water can then be used in many different capacities. It can be sent to a radiator to heat up a room, it can be called to a tap to produce hot water for dishes, or, alternatively, it can be sent through a system of tubing beneath the floorboards to warm up the house with in-floor radiant heating.

Boiler Installation

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What Is A Boiler Heating System?

Boilers are water heaters with a specific purpose. They act as a heating system, (called hydronic) by carrying hot water through an arrangement of radiators or other similar devices -including plastic tubing for radiant floor heating. The heated water gives off heat. When the water cools down, it is returned to the boiler. Here it is reheated and the process repeats itself.

A pump moves the water through the system. Controls include thermostats, aquastats and valves for regulation of both circulation and water temperature. Other energy-saving devices may be added to improve the boiler’s operation.

Boilers utilize various types of fuel to heat the water. Usually, it is natural gas or oil. However, electricity or even wood pellets can also be used.

To discover more about these dust and allergen-free heating options, contact our heating experts. They can help you weigh the pros and cons of switching to a boiler heating system.